Hi I’m Mick!

Hello, my name is Mick and this is my first post on Tumblr :) I’m going to use it productively, by talking about something I’m fairly passionate about - technology and the internet in general.

So, what is there to talk about? Well let’s start off with something about internet browsers. Everyone has a different preference on this subject - some prefer Mozilla Firefox, some Google Chrome, some of the more reckless of you may even like Internet Explorer (definitely not me however). But what are the differences between them? Should you really spend a lot of time thinking about them?

The first thing that differs is the interface. They all look slightly different, even though they all do fundamentally the same job. For this reason, it’s difficult to state which one is the best because it entirely depends on what you think looks nicest. Each of them have their benefits in this regard - Chrome is known to be light and easy to use, whereas Internet Explorer tends to have more functionality in terms of toolbars.

The availability of the software is something that also changes. Internet Explorer is built into all Windows machines, so for that reason it’s obviously very available. On the other hand, tools such as Opera or Firefox must be downloaded from a software download siteĀ just like this one here. It’s still easy to find them but of course you won’t have them on your system by default, so that’s something that you need to consider if you’re wanting to choose one in the shortest time possible.

The speed of which webpages load is also something that differs. Luckily, this is something that we can accurately compare and measure. You’ll tend to find that Internet Explorer is the slowest to load pages due to its rather poor design, whereas software such as Google Chrome uses the WebKit framework which is a lot better at processing Javascript, which certainly improves load times by quite a lot. For this reason, you should be able to work out which you want to look into and which you should avoid.

You should also remember that different browsers work with other tools as well. A lot of apps incorporate IE into them, so in the example of Windows 8 if you remove IE from your system a lot of the programs that you have installed might stop function correctly. Apart from this, it’s not likely to present you with any issues. Note that you may also want your friends to use the same browser as you, so you might want to share it with them using a tool like pidgin.